Supreme Council 33 of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite for Cyprus

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St Barnabas Chapter Rose Croix No 1136-1

4th Sat am April [E]; 1st Sat am November and February am

M.W.S. E\& PBro L Michaelides, Tel :  99636361   e mail : HERE
Recorder: E \& P \Bro K.Hart Tel 26522296 & 99309124 : email: HERE

St Lazarus Chapter Rose Croix No 1141-2

1st Fri Pm October [E]; 1st Fri Pm December and March

M.W.SE\& P\Bro. W.M. Hayes, 99543129 e-mail: HERE
Recorder: E\& P\ Kenny Allan, Tel: 99757773, email : HERE

Scottish Rite Creed

Human progress is
our cause,

Liberty of thought
our supreme wish,

Freedom of
conscience our
mission, and

The guarantee of
equal rights to all
people everywhere
our ultimate goal .

St Paul by the Pillar Chapter Rose Croix No 1142-3

Fri preceding 4th Sat in April  [E]: Fri preceding 1st Sat in November  and 2nd Fri in February

M.W.S  E\& P\Bro. Bill Furzey Tel : 99086994 ,email : HERE

Recorder: Ill \ Bro K. Hart MBE, Tel : 26652296, mob : 99308124,   email : HERE

Star of the East No. 1168-4
Meetings by special Arrangements in Zakynthos, 1 meeting in Cyprus Nov/Dec TBC

M.W.S.  E\& P\ Bro. Georgios Zivas , Tel  22-177 6978777980 email : HERE

Recorder M \ Ill \ Bro. N. Zacharopoulos 33   Tel: (+30) 2695022147, e-mail : HERE

On  Saturday 6th February 2016, The Supreme council for Cyprus  celebrated the 10th anniversary of it's formation.

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