The Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Cyprus

The Supreme Council 33º of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Cyprus are the sole Authority for Rose Croix Cyprus strictly in conformity with the terms of the Grand Constitutions of 1786 under which all regular Supreme Councils throughout the World were formed and conform. The District of Cyprus was inaugurated by the Supreme Council 33º for England and Wales in 2002. On 9th February 2006, the Supreme Council 33º for England and Wales, as the ruling body for Rose Croix in Cyprus, gave sole authority to and established by legal patent The Supreme Council 33º for Cyprus, currently consisting of 9 Chapters, meeting at the Masonic Rooms, Jerusalem Street in Limassol also at Dhekelia, Nicosia, Paphos and on the Island of Zakynthos.



          The Membership of the Supreme Council is as follows :-


M\P\ Bro. Th S Theodossiou 33º

Sovereign Grand Commander


V\P\ Bro. A Theocharous 33º

Lieutenant Grand Commander


M\Ill \Bro E.S. Williams 33º

Grand Prior


M\Ill \Bro A Soteriou 33º

Grand Chancellor


M\Ill \Bro. N Zacharopoulos 33º

Grand Captain General


M\Ill \Bro. Michael J. Louisides 33º

Grand Treasurer General H\E\

M\Ill \Bro. R.W. Cowin 33º

Grand Chamberlain

M\Ill \Bro G. Owens 33º

Grand Marshal

M\Ill \Bro. Peter Baldwin 33º

Grand Secretary General H\E\


A 30th Degree Ceremony will be held on Saturday 21st November 2020 in Limassol


Further information may be obtained by contacting :--
M\Ill\Bro. Peter Baldwin 33º Tel : (+357) 97722576
email : HERE

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