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The Supreme Council 33º of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite for Cyprus

MWS St Barnabus

St Barnabas Chapter Rose Croix No 1136-1
4th Sat am April [E]; 1st Sat am November and February am

M.W.S. E& P Bro T Knights, Tel :  96325540  e mail : HERE
Recorder: Ill Bro K. Hart MBE 30°, Tel : 26652296, mob : 99308124,   email :HERE


St Lazarus Chapter Rose Croix No 1141-2
1st Fri Pm October [E]; 1st Fri Pm December and March

M.W.SIll Bro K. Hart MBE 30°Tel : 26652296, mob : 99308124,   email :HERE
Recorder: E& PBro. P. Kyriacou, Tel : 99044666 e-mail: HERE


St Paul by the Pillar Chapter Rose Croix No 1142-3
Fri preceding 1st Sat in May [E]: & November and 2nd Fri in February

M.W.S  E& PBro. W. MillsTel : 96398553,   email :HERE
Recorder: E & P Bro. G. Calvert   Tel. 26623096 mob. 99977819 email HERE


Star of the East No. 1168-4
Meetings by special Arrangements in Zakynthos, 1 meeting in Cyprus Nov/Dec TBC

M.W.S.  Ill Bro P. Kladis 32 ° ,                                            
Recorder E& P∴  Bro. N. Efthyniou  Tel: (+30) 6932244290, e-mail : HERE

st sophia

St Sophia Chapter Rose Croix No. 5
4th Thurs pm. April [E], Thurs pm. Preceding 1st Sat November, Thurs pm preceding 2nd Sat February.
M.W.S. E& PBro. A. Ashdjian  Tel - 99 623155 , email : HERE
Recorder: Ill Bro S. Achillides, Tel: 99627896. emailHERE

King Tefkros RC Logo

.King Tefkros Chapter Rose Croix No. 6, (Universal Working in Greek)
2nd Sat in April [E] and 2nd Sat in November

M.W.S  E& PBro. P. Iacovides    Tel. : 99694366      email: HERE
Recorder: E& PBro. A. Kyriakoude Tel: 99 557082    email: HERE


Helios Chapter Rose Croix No 8
3rd Fri October am [E], 3rd Fri December pm, 4th Fri March & May pm

M.W.S.-  E& PBro. P Ondetsi Tel : 99 475864  email HERE
Recorder E& PBro. S. Stylianides Tel: 99518765  E-mail: HERE

etoile logo

                                                                            Etoile Chapter Rose Croix No. 9                                                                                (Higher Degrees Chapter)

Meetings by special Arrangements in Zakynthos

MWS - MIll Bro N. Zacharopoulos 33º Tel : +306944451159 Email HERE

Recorder : Ill Bro I. K Aridakis 30º Tel :+306937370939, Email HERE 

Consecration Photo 1

Consecration Photo 2


Morning Star Chapter Rose Croix No. 33
(Higher Degrees Chapter)
2nd Saturday in September (E) & March

MWS - IllBro. R. Makrosellis 30º  Tel - (+357) 99 526776 , email HERE

Recorder Ill Bro K. Fickling 31ºTel: 99120749. email HERE

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